We are rapidly approaching the end of the year and many employers are looking for a way to celebrate the end of what would only be labelled as a trying year. We may feel as if there is no real reason to celebrate since this year has put every single one of us through the ringer; what we need to remind ourselves of is that we’ve still made it through those times and that in itself is reason to let our hair down and meet with our co-workers for something other than Covid-19 related meetings.

Leave Nothing But Footprints

Wine Pairing Lunches and Dinners

At Hawksmoor House we aim to provide you with the perfect setting to do exactly that. Should your team be more attracted to the idea of escaping the oncoming Summer heat and relaxing inside our picturesque Manor House; we will happily comply with that wish and provide you with delectable cuisine and delicious wine. We offer Lunches or Dinners with Wine pairings, situated at our beautiful dining table. The perfect opportunity to taste our tantalising wine range, along with some freshly prepared and home-grown farm style cuisine. We can tailor our menu according to your team’s tastebuds and dietary requirements

Picnics and Lawn Games

However, if your team has been cooped up in their houses, this may be the ideal time to create an enjoyable outdoor environment for them to let loose and play some team-building games. Luckily for you we have expansive lawns sprawling out in front of our Manor House, lined by leafy oak trees it’s the perfect setting to enjoy our newly introduced picnic baskets that include a bottle of our Hawksmoor House wine. After some much-needed relaxation, team members can play a range of lawn games such as boules, croquet and Jenga.

Leave Nothing But Footprints
Leave Nothing But Footprints

Hawksmoor Wine Tastings

A simple yet elegant solution to your yearend celebrations problem is of course the staple Stellenbosch answer, wine tasting. Whether you choose to spend the day travelling around to different wine farms or to spend the entire day with us; it is sure to be filled with enchanting wines. We love to pair our wine tasting with family style platters of cold meats and cheeses, with some homemade jams and preserves. Enjoy this tasty selection whilst you are surrounded by our astonishing unobstructed views of the winelands.