Hotel Design & Development

Facilities Management

Project Management

Asset & Oversight Management

At Index Hotels we offer asset and oversight management to owners who seek to optimise their hotel investment. We will make recommendations on how to improve the physical facility, increase revenue growth and provide consistent quality of service. By continuously reviewing the marketing strategy and expense controls efforts are made to enhance the value of the asset.

Our goal in asset optimisation is to advise a client on the current market trends, operational requirements and financial management of a hotel to help maintain or improve its value. The client might be the owner of the hotel, a financial institution or investor. We work for the client by seeking opportunities to maximise their return on investment while maintaining or improving the market position and physical attributes of a hotel or resort.


Asset Optimisation Services:

  • Hotel, F&B Operations design and development
  • Amenities and experience conceptualisation
  • Facilities management
  • Project Management
  • Asset and oversight management
  • Our services also include – contract compliance, concise reporting, benchmarking & best practices, operational reviews, repositioning analysis, strategic planning, CapEx & operations budgeting