Accra has plenty to offer visitors in terms of nightlife, so we have compiled a list of our favourite iconic and newly introduced bars and lounges throughout the city. The perfect compilation of hotspots for any type of traveller or local in search of their favourite watering hole.

Accra Classroom

Grillroom Bar & Lounge

At Fiesta Residences’ very own Grillroom Bar & Lounge our impressive range of Whiskeys is enough to attract any single malt enthusiast, plus we also offer the perfect setting for popping open your favourite bottle of bubbly or wine to start off what is sure to be a glamourous evening on the town.

Balmy evenings are perfect for cocktails outside on our Poolside Terrace with vibrant live entertainment every Wednesday and Friday evenings.


Burger & Relish

City-wide renowned for their delectable burgers, this restaurant also boasts a tantalizing cocktail menu. The B&R rum punch is a must try on their menu, along with their wide range of beers (a rarity in Ghana) which pair perfectly with their burgers.

Republic Bar & Grill

One of the most popular bars and restaurants in Accra for good reason, their mixtures of local dishes with contemporary cocktails is a critical experience to fully immerse yourself in the culture. Their delicious caipirinha is made with traditional palm wine and is paired well with the local staple, casava chips. As the night draws closer, the dance floor opens, and Republic becomes a lively party venue.


Urban Grill

This new restaurant is raising the bar for all high-end eateries across the city, while they are mainly known for their steak selection, their drinks live up to the standard of the superlative restaurant. We can recommend sipping on their deconstructed bloody mary as you wait to be seated or even popping in for a glass of bubbly and taking pictures in their beautifully decorated space.


Coco Lounge

Situated in the same Icon building as Urban Grill, this restaurant follows the same level of sophistication whilst still maintaining its own independent design. Leather seating and bold lighting choices set the ambiance for a suave evening of whiskeys and cigars.


Firefly Lounge Bar

With an industrial chic look, this bar is contemporary space for a largely international clientele. The stylish uniforms of the employees match the cutting-edge décor and lighting. This is an exciting spot to check out once the sun has set and the music gets just a little bit groovier.

Shisha Lounge

Smoking Shisha with some Afro beats flowing from the turntables, if this sounds like your ideal night out then the Shisha Lounge in Osu is where you need to be. They are famous for their treehouse area, where you can sit and smoke amidst the trees whilst sipping on mouth-watering cocktails. Make it a night out with friends and order some of their tasty brick oven pizza while you enjoy all that the lounge has to offer.


Champs Sports Bar & Grill

Accra’s take on your typical sports bar, Champs is an institution in the city for sports fans. They have eight large screens that showcase all major sporting events and beer on tap to keep the crowd passionate as ever. They also host quiz nights and karaoke, which makes them very popular amongst groups that are looking for a good time any day of the week.

Sai Wine & Champagne Café

As the name suggests, Sai only offers wine and champagne on their menu, but it is well worth the visit. They have a small menu of pates, oysters, and cheese platters that pair beautifully with their beverage selection. If you are looking for a classy night out or a sophisticated date spot, this would be a go to location.


Honeysuckle Pub & Restaurant

Designed exactly like your local British Pub, Honeysuckle offers a home away from home experience to many UK expats as they can go there to watch football matches, surrounded by vintage football memorabilia. In true pub fashion, they offer a wide range of beers that are paired perfectly with typical pub food. A definite must see for any pub lovers!

We are sure that there is a bar in Accra for any type of person and any type of night that you may be in search of; feel free to share your favourite spots with us on Instagram @fiestaresidences