The new year is upon us and many of us have health related goals set for ourselves, however maintaining those goals is often far more difficult than we anticipated. We suggest taking yourself on your own relaxation retreat. This can include, spa days, healthy eating and yoga, to mention a few. This will be a good way to get yourself aligned with healthier lifestyle choices and bring some peace to the chaos that surrounds us in everyday life.

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Time to Prioritise Your Healthy Goals

We can easily look over the goals that we’ve set for ourselves as we get so tied up in our ordinary duties. As you take this time to relax, you can finally have the time to focus on what you should be prioritising and how this can benefit you if you continue these behaviours instead of falling back into old habits.

Healthy Food Options

Relaxation retreats are all about connecting to your inner self in a healthy way. Eating nutritious foods during the retreat will help with your overall well-being. We recommend lots of fresh fruits and salads. Some might take this as an opportunity to detox and perhaps even take a juice cleanse.

Enjoy Some Fitness

Creating a full body experience is important for the purpose of these retreats, this can be done by including some exercise into the agenda. Yoga is a wonderful way to connect the mind, body and soul; it also has great anti-anxiety affects and can help you to feel more at ease in your own body. Nature walks or hikes are also an amazing idea for your retreat as they allow you to soak up your natural surroundings.

Long Term Benefits

Relaxation or health retreats benefit you for weeks or even months to come after the retreat itself has finished. They leave your body feeling healthy and your mind focused on maintaining a good work-life balance. They teach you practices to de-stress and allow you to have more control over the way your brain reacts to the business of life.

A Break From Everyday Life

Sometimes all you need is a break and these retreats can offer you just that. Many retreats encourage a detox from technology to help you focus on yourself as opposed to your calls, texts and emails. You can give this a try on your own retreat and see if it assists in taking the pressure off and making you happier, healthier and stronger.

Create New Habits

Taking some time in a foreign environment can help to release you from the bad habits you have created in your everyday life, whether it’s over working, over-eating or smoking. This short reprieve can help you by creating a schedule round healthy habits, such as yoga and meditation; with the hope of you carrying these practices into your routine.

Focus on Creativity and Positivity

On relaxation retreats, you are encouraged to gather your thoughts, you will find that once the mind is relaxed you are able to be more creative. By being in an environment of peace and relaxation, you can focus more on positive thoughts and allow the negative to be released. This is a large part of taking care of your mind, body and soul and is a useful practice to carry with you always.

We find that hotels are often the best place for you to get away and relax, perhaps the next time you plan a getaway you will include some of these practices and reap the benefits of a retreat. Alternatively, joining an established retreat is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and share your experience with others.