Personalised Wine Glasses

We love a free wine glass no matter the occasion but a personalised one makes it all the more memorable. As a wedding gift we would highly recommend going with a stemless option of wine glass, as these are less prone to break.


Succulents are the perfect way to liven up any living area, so they only make sense as a gift to the people who were the life of your special day. This way your guests will think of you whenever they see these little bursts of green around their homes.

Personalised Tea Bags

These are also lovely as bachelorette party or bridal shower gifts, especially if either are high tea themed. You can choose your favourite tea blend and get the packaging customised to add a personal touch.

Artisanal Soap

You are able to choose whatever scent you feel best matches your day and then your guests can take home that little reminder with them. These are both classic and classy, you might even be able to have a few extras for your own bathroom at home.

Personalised Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is a choice that is very difficult to go wrong with! You can never have too many of them and a personalised one is sure to stand out from the rest

Magnetic Picture Frames

These work as lovely mementos from great times for your guests. They will be able to be reminded of the special day whenever they go to open their fridge.

Personalised Hand Fans

For a summer wedding these personalised hand fans are perfect for cooling guests down during an outdoor ceremony and then for taking home. They are a fun and practical gift that are sure to have your guests thanking you!


Scented candles in a customised jar or tin are the perfect takeaway as they bring some of the romance home with the guests, especially if you had your fair share of candle lit moments on your wedding day.

Mint Box Favors

Boxes of mints are both cute and practical; you can also get these customised to say your names and the date so that they serve as little memorabilia for your guests.

Personalised Coffee Pouches

Who doesn’t love a fresh cup of coffee? Now you can share your favourite blend with your guests and even put the beans in a customised coffee pouch. That way they’ll think of you as they’re waking up to the smell of coffee each morning.

Small Ceramic Pottery Bowls

For those families that love to collect pottery, these could be the perfect choice. They make for excellent trinket dishes or keep sakes for your guests.

Personalised Shot Glasses

These are always a fun gifting option, especially if you have a younger crowd as your wedding party. They might even make use of them on the night of your wedding!

We hope that our suggestions has your creative juices flowing and excited you for this stage of wedding planning!