Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’re sure that many of you are pondering what to get your mom as a gift this year. Effectively a second birthday, your mom is deserving of the perfect gift, therefore, we have come up with a list of suggestions to suit everybody’s tastes.

Accra Classroom

DIY Gift Basket

Start with a cute basket, add some of her favourite food items, cookies or chocolates for example. Then you can add some spa or self-care items in her favourite scents, these can be face masks, hand cream, candles, bath bombs, etc. Next is a “best mom’ token or two, such as a coffee mug or note pad. Don’t forget her favourite flowers! There you have the perfect gift basket for Mother’s Day.

Lurra Spa Massage

Every mom needs a break to relax and replenish her energy; what does that better than a massage? Lurra Spa offers a wide range of massages to suite everyone’s needs, our most popular being the Lurra Swedish Massage which is tailored to the exact needs of the client. Your mom will be sure to thank you when she comes back from her self-care day at the spa.


Lurra Spa Pedicure or Manicure

The perfect way to feel pampered is by getting a mani pedi and of course we want our moms to feel the most pampered on Mother’s Day! Book her in for a surprise mani pedi and maybe book yourself in for one as well so that you can treat yourselves together.

Mother Daughter Picnic

Take a quick trip to Mmofra Place and have a picnic on their lush lawns. Maybe after a few glasses of wine you will be in the mood to play some putt putt that they have there. It is sure to be an enjoyable quality time for the two of you.

Bubbly Brunch

Who doesn’t love to add a little bubbly to their brunch? You can sit on our lovely Poolside Terrace and enjoy some brunch or lunch with a bottle of bubbly and be surrounded by your family members. This is the perfect way to make mum feel extra special on this day dedicated to her.

Lunch with the Girls

Your mom and her closest friends can get together and dress up for a girl’s lunch at The Grillroom. They can enjoy our delicious cocktails along with our tasty steaks or seafood right off of the grill. You can treat your mom to this by buying a voucher directly from us and not have to hassle with payment later.


A night at the hotel

Your mom deserves a luxurious night with us at Fiesta Residences. Book her a room and allow her to relax for the weekend, maybe take a dip in the pool or a trip to the spa. We’re sure that all moms could use a little time off from their daily duties.

We hope that this list was helpful and that your mom has a truly spectacular day! Hopefully, you get to enjoy some of it with her as well.